The Most Important Factor in Healthcare: What Role Nurses Play

Nurses are the pillar of healthcare system as their roles are of meticulous care and groundbreaking effects on patients across different health settings. They not only monitor patients’ vital signs but also are caring caregivers, competent clinicians and patient advocates who also promote well-being.

In the midst of patient treatment, nurses as first-line workers and the most active members of multidisciplinary health care teams undertake a wide range of tasks that find them at the bedside carrying out admirable work in multiple areas of nursing care. It does not matter whether you occupied a hospital bed or a seat in a clinic, for the nurses are the first responders in the ensuring exquisite treatment is availed immediately and effectively.Aside from the clinical duties nurses provide, they also take up the position of educators informing patients and their relatives about importance of different information on their health conditions, medications and self-care strategies. Through educational empowerment, nurses buy patients the relevant information resources and enabling them to make their decisions informed with the help of actively participation in their healthcare journey.

The attorneys are the ones that shall make use of their high level of knowledge of law and justice to translate the laws for their clients. They carry out many different functions: from examining legal matters and their players to advocating for their clients in the presence of juries/courts and prepare different documents (wills, contracts, lawsuits etc.) In addition, they provide priceless information in the areas of the specificity of trials and the risks associated with different transactions.The general view of the lawyer’s job puts emphasis on the participation on the courtroom, yet not all of the lawyers are regularly involved in litigation. Per Ben Cooper, the CEO/founder of PreLawPro, most lawers are in legal areas which are non-litigious and rather involve the business of clients handling legal transactions. The role of a lawyer may be fulfilled either within the courtroom or by handling all the transactional problems. Whatever may be the case, a lawyer most often ensures that their clients’ needs are well-taken care of.

Legal field is very wide that all law graduates are not one-sized-fits-all. Their specialties are varied, depending on their areas of specialization. An example of it would be that defense attorneys plead their client’s case in court for criminal proceedings, but on the other hand, family attorneys help sure their client’s divorce and child custody matter. The fact that these legal practitioners are always trying to gain the best resolutions for their clients, do it by means of litigation or transactional assistance, affects their approach and independent manner.Moreover, nurses serve as the link between the healthcare team and patients in a way that they advocate for patients’ rights and comfort of all the while coordinating with people from different fields. The teamwork of nurse practitioners and physicians, therapists and other healthcare specialists, thereby, results in holistic and satisfactory care for patients.

To add to the direct patient care, nurses participate in quality improvement services in the health organizations they work for involving in research, Evidence Based Practice, and quality assurance projects. Such feedback and the knowledge and actual observations of the personnel directly in contact with the patients are priceless in terms of identifying the root causes of suboptimal results and formulation of improved guidelines to ensure better outcomes.In times of crisis, the only thing the nurses with their never-ending devotion and resilience manifest is their selflessness even risking their health and well-being in the process and they offered help to the people who were in need. The nurses’ dedication of giving to patient and family care is one face of the nursing values, and makes them worthy of respect and appreciation by all considered including patients, families, and the whole community.

Last but not least, they are key players in the healthcare system who manage to distinguish themselves through their attitude and knowledge display during clinical duties. From undertaking direct duty to fight for the patients’ rights and advocating for health of a whole society, nurses play the important roles in health care both locally and in the international context. The tireless and selfless approach impelled by love and the aim of helping others always turn them remains real heroes of healthcare sector.