Paragraph The Historic Speech of 7th March

Paragraph The Historic Speech of 7th March

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Paragraph The Historic Speech of 7th March

The 7th of March 1971 is a memorable day in the history of the Bengali nation. On this day Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founding father of the nation, gave a historical speech that directed the whole nation in those days of turmoil and unrest. The West Pakistanis had been exploiting the Bengalis since the emergence of the state of Pakistan in 1947. The Bengalis were deprived of economic, political, and cultural life. After 24 years of treachery and discrimination, the Bengali nationalist party Awami League won the parliamentary election. But the rulers decided not to let them form the government of the country. It infuriated the entire Bengali nation. Amid anger and protest, Bangabandhu gave this epoch-making speech at the Race Course Maidan on the 7th of March. He said it was a time of struggle for emancipation and independence, and the nation must fight for that mission. He called the nation for not cooperating with the Pakistanis, for not giving them taxes, and for not attending offices. Bangabandhu’s speech worked as a big inspiration for the nation. It motivated people to sacrifice their lives for the cause of the freedom of our motherland. Thus Bangabandhu’s 7th March speech has become immortal in national history.

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