Hocus Pocus is the story of three sisters who were executed in Salem in 1693 and returned to wreak havoc on Halloween.

On September 30, 2022 "Hocus Pocus 2" movie was released on their subscription-based platform Disney+.

The lead cast of the movie is Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, Doug Jones, Hannah Waddingham.

After its 1st release, it became a phenomenon on home video and cable and is now an annual tradition for many families.

Nearly 30 years later, "Hocus Pocus 2" will delight fans of all generations, pay tribute and add some gentle updates.

The first one was about the relationships between brothers and sisters, and this one is about friendship.

After an aerial opening shot referencing the original Hocus Pocus, we get to see the Sanderson sisters as young women.

First, we see the Pilgrim community running off the road, and Young Winnie is played by Taylor Henderson.